Glitterflex Ultra HTV

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GlitterFlex Ultra is a brilliant textured and sparkling solution for fabrics – especially in the fashion industry. This has a striking, shimmering effect on garments. Suitable for cotton/polyester and blends. Intricate work not recommended.

  • Cut this material in mirror image
  • 160°C - 165°C
  • 12-15 Seconds.
  • Peel Warm 
  • Wash cold (40°C) inside out. Tumble Dry normal. Suitable for Dry Cleaning.
  • Layering not recommended
  • Iron inside out. Do not iron directly onto transfers.
  • Suitable for cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic, wool & linen
  • Application Tape not required.
  • Heat sublimation paper on top of already pressed vinyl at 195°C for 30 seconds.

***Note:  instructions are a guide only.  It is recommended you perform your own testing for performance satisfaction***